COP TAG is a tag based mode with one "Crook" or "Robber" and the rest of the lobby are "Cops". The Crook has 15 seconds to get away before the Cops can leave the Grid/Pit or specified start location! Cop Tag is normally used on an Open or Cruise Configuration.
Crook Objetive:
Survive without being tagged for 10 minutes to "Escape"
Cop Objective: 
Tag the crook any way possible before the 10 minute mark!
Crook Rules:
1. Glitch Spots & Out of the Map = Auto Busted! Try to stay in the map...
2. Don't use a plane black skin as they are reserved for cops without a police skin
3. Go when you see "GO CROOK" on your screen or chat!
4. Use the slower car of the two classes chosen by an admin at the start of the match.

Cop Rules:
1. Cops may use any of the two classes of cars chosen by admin at match start.
2. MUST use "[COP]" in front of your name!
3. MUST use Police/Cop Skin or a plane BLACK car at the very least!
4. DO NOT leave start location until 15 seconds after the crook has left!
Other Info:

Map: Any
Layouts: X configurations or Cruise layout.